1931 Congress Center in Den Bosch

UNLimited will take place at the
1931 Congress Center in Den Bosch.

The address is Oude Engelenseweg 1,
5222 AA ’s-Hertogenbosch.


There is ample parking at 1931. You will need to pay the parking fees yourself.

Public transport

The venue is around a 12-minute walk from Den Bosch Central Station. The map can be consulted here:


You can arrange overnight accommodation yourself. To help you on your way, a number of options for hotels in Den Bosch are shown here.

Ralph Meulenbroeks en Ghislaine van Bommel

Exploring ways to implement well-being support initiatives for students

Student well-being forms the basis of a structure on campus where students flourish and can develop their talents. However, in order to validate interventions and measures, we often lack the indicators to perform online and continuous monitoring of our – often well meant – initiatives. First, the theoretical background on student well-being in terms of Self-Determination Theory as well as practical implications of well-being initiatives are briefly presented. Thereafter, participants are invited to brainstorm about ways to monitor and promote student well-being, and opportunities for cooperation between universities in this important field. All university students and staff are welcome to join!